Thursday, December 29, 2011

PowerPoint Pranks #3

Alright pranksters! Time for my newest creation…

Huh? Where's da Screen?!

Another really easy trick to pull off! Here's how to do it:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Escape the Tower Video Walkthrough

I figure I'd do this to help some people with the game. Enjoy!
Recorded with CamStudio

Escape the Tower Walkthrough 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Alright Tim: What's NEW?

Quite a few things.

Journey to Home Trailer - Available in the Download page. As mentioned, this is the sequel to Escape the Tower. Find out the new exciting features in my new game project in the trailer.

Escape the Tower Update - This update adds the Journey to Home Trailer in Bonus Features.

File Sizes - Now you can view the file size of every slideshow game I upload right in the More Info page.

Well, I hope you guys look forward to Journey to Home as much as I am. Happy holidays!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bingo Master Board (version 1.4.0) - Release Notes

Ooh…another update to the Bingo Master Board! You see, I had this feeling that the master board really needed a black theme, so I made that and another theme in the process! Here's your release notes:
  • New themes - sky and shadow
Note - You may notice that Bingo Master Board is now password protected. This is to prevent people from modifying my own PowerPoint idea.

Let me know what you think of the new themes!

Friday, November 25, 2011

NEW! Download links in the Download page

No more having to click on "More Info" every time you want to download a game. Instead, you can simply click on the new "Download" link directly on the Download page. Sweet!

Escape the Tower turns a year old!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole year since I made my first slideshow game! And it happened on Black Friday, too! *pats myself on the back*

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to provide an update for Escape the Tower. But who cares? Let's celebrate!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PowerPoint Pranks #2

Hi there, pranksters. Did ya enjoy scaring your friends with that gigantic "BOO!"? Well, I hope you did. This time, I got something even better:

The Frozen Desktop!

Here's how to pull off this trick:

1. Take a screenshot of your computer's desktop (with no applications running).

2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint, and create a new presentation.

3. On PowerPoint 2007 or later: click on the Design tab on the ribbon, then click on Page Setup.
On PowerPoint 2003 or earlier: click on File -> Page Setup.

4. On the new window that appears, change the slide size to the aspect ratio of your computer (4:3, 16:10, or 16:9).
To find your computer's aspect ratio, try each aspect ratio and start the slideshow. The correct ratio will make the slide fill up all four corners of the screen.
5. Now upload the screenshot of the desktop onto the PowerPoint presentation.

6. Resize the screenshot so it fills up the entire slide.

7. On PowerPoint 2007 or later: click on the Slideshow tab on the ribbon, then click on Set Up Show.
On PowerPoint 2003 or earlier: click on Slideshow -> Set up Show.

8. Change the show type to Borrowed at a Kiosk. This prevents your parents from seeing the arrows on the bottom left corner of the PowerPoint.

9. Start the presentation and put your computer into sleep.

The next time someone turns on the computer, they will be shocked to find out that nothing happens if they click on anything! Little does that person know the only way out is by pressing the "Esc" key!

So pranksters, let me know what you think. Did it work? Did it fail? Did you end up getting tricked? Discuss in the comments!

Disclaimer: Perform this prank at your own risk. Don't blame me if you end up getting in trouble.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm just gonna say that now I think the Did ya Know's were a bad idea. Therefore, it has been discontinued - and the posts have been removed. Sorry.

But hey! Escape the Tower is turning a year old this Friday! I can't wait to celebrate!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New! A template, a modified game, and a prototype!

Man, when was the last time anything new came into the blog? Well, as the title says, I just posted 3 new PowerPoint's into this blog. Here they are:

Make Your Own Memoric Trivia
Memoric Trivia (Reduced Pain Edition)
Escape the Room Prototype

You can find these new games waiting for you in the "Download" page!

Escape the Room Prototype

Size: 126 KB

My first prototype! Inspired from JonBro's Riddle School/Transfer series, this game concept involves using a graphical interface to navigate your way around a room while solving a puzzle. In the prototype, you must find a key somewhere around the room in order to open the door. What's so cool is that it's done on PowerPoint. Go try for yourself! Let me know what you think in the Comments.

Compatible With:
-Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later
-PowerPoint for Mac 2008 or later
-PowerPoint Viewer 2007 or later

Make Your Own Memoric Trivia - More Info

Release Date: November 5, 2011
Latest Update: N/A
Size: 614 KB

Ever wanted to make your very own Memoric Trivia game? Well, your dream just came true. Using the Make your Own Memoric Trivia software, all you have to do is follow the instructions via the PowerPoint notes section, and you'll be ready to have a finished product in no time! It's easy! It's fun! You and your friends will have a blast (if you make a good Memoric Trivia)!
Feel free to post the Memoric Trivia's you make with this template in the Comments. You may also post your game in your own website, as long as you don't remove the bottom header in the first slide.

Compatible With:
-Microsoft PowerPoint 97 (XP (2002) or later recommended)
-PowerPoint for Mac 98 (v. X (2001) or later recommended)
Sorry PowerPoint Viewer users, but you're unable to edit PowerPoint presentations.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hey kids, wanna scare the heck out of your parents?

It's easy! All you have to do is click here to download a scary PowerPoint presentation. Then, start the slideshow and put the computer in sleep. The next time your parents turn on the computer, watch them scream in intense fear! Mwa ha ha!

Enjoy your Halloween, kids! (boo!)

Disclaimer: Don't blame me if you end up getting in trouble.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bingo Master Board (version 1.3.1) - Release Notes

I'm gonna take a break with those fun posts. For now, we got…you guessed it…another update to the Bingo Master Board! Here's your release notes:
  • The "Themes"drop-down menu ended up slowing down the slideshow, so to replace that, I added a new slide for you to change the theme. That's why you will now see a new "Themes" tab.
  • Added a new theme - purple
This should be the last update for the master board in a while. Have fun!

Um, Tim…

What? Who's that?

"I'm Ted. I'm some random imaginary person you just made up a few seconds ago."

Oh, really.

"Yes, really."

Alright, Ted. What brings you here?

"Well, I wanted to ask you some very important question."

Um, ok. What's that question?

"Hmm… I need to reword it so it sounds better."

Ted, you don't need to. I can…

"Hey, I'm trying to concentrate here."


"No BUTS! This question must be articulated so that it flows like soft velvet, swaying through a gentle breeze…"


"…casting a ray of tranquility, flowing up to your heart in serenity…"


"…that reveals a glimpse of paradise, a view so beautiful that…"


"Hold on, Mr. Impatient! The words are not in harmony yet."


"The version that's not articulated?"

*moan* Yes, the version that's not articulated.

"Alright, alright! *growls* The question is…


Um, well, it's hard to explain…

"I don't care if it's hard to explain! Give me the reason, NOW!"

Well, how about if I give you, um, a deal?

"WHAT deal?"

How about if I spend time rewording the answer so it articulates better?

"And the CATCH?"

The catch is, you'll have to wait.

"GRRR! Waiting is stupid! I want, I want, I want…"

Now look who's Mr. Impatient?

"FINE! I'll WAIT for the reason. But you gotta make it SNAPPY. OR ELSE…"

Or else what?

"Or else…er…I'll find out."


"And no trying to get away with it!" *leaves*

This screenplay was brought to you by the Audience Tab.

And if you thought the post after that would be an update,

you were wrong again! HA HA!


if you thought my next blog post was going to be yet another update to the Bingo Master Board, you were wrong. HA!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bingo Master Board (version 1.3.0) - Release Notes

What? Another update for the master board? Are you insane? Do you have a life? Why the heck are you posting so many updates for this thing?!

Well, you see, right after I posted version 1.2.0 onto this blog, I came up with an idea for the board. Not a lame idea, but something that might actually catch your interest.

Here are the release notes:

  • THEMES! Tired of having to use the boring yellowish background every single time you use the bingo master board? Now you can change the theme to green, blue, red, or even rainbow! Just choose your selection using the new "Select Theme" slide.
  • To reduce clutter on the master board, the "Reset Board" button has been renamed to simply "Reset".
  • The title slide now has a quick fade transition.
Coming Soon: a "Themes" drop-down menu bar

Also, I may add more themes throughout each of the updates! If you have any theme suggestions, just post a comment on this blog!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bingo Master Board (version 1.2.0) - Release Notes

Yet another update has been put into the Bingo Master Board. Here are the release notes:

  • Added "About" page. Click on the copyright on the title slide to see it.
  • Slideshow is now set to "Browse at a Kiosk." This removes the distracting buttons on the bottom left-hand corner of the powerpoint. It also disables slide advancement by arrow keys.
  • Minor bug fix

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Update Available: Bingo Master Board

Bingo Master Board has been updated to version 1.1.0. In this update, a new "Reset Board" button appears on the top left corner of the master board. Just click on it, and the board will be wiped clean so you can start a new game. Hope you update!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Really? Keynote?

Apparently, some of my slideshow games are capable of running on Apple Keynote. So today, I revised the compatibility info on my games to show that they can run on Keynote. Woo-hoo!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Game—er, Utility: Bingo Master Board

A new utility, Bingo Master Board, is available in my blog! For more information, check out the download page.

Bingo Master Board

This version of Bingo Master Board is officially discontinued.

Click here to Download

Released: September 3, 2011
Updated: September 12, 2018 (Version 1.7.1)
Size: 530 KB

Note: This is not a complete game. It is a utility you can use as a supplement to Bingo.

No more whiteboards! No more transparencies! Now, with the technology of PowerPoint, you can project which numbers are drawn in a Bingo game!

To use it, simply click on the number that has been said or drawn in the master board, and the number will bold. Made a mistake? Click on the number again to make it un-bold. Want to start a new game? Click on the "Reset" button to clear the bold numbers. There are eight themes to choose from, one of them available for you to customize.

Want more features, widescreen, and are comfortable with macros? Check out Bingo Master Board PLUS.

Have fun!

Compatible With:
-Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or newer
-PowerPoint for Mac 2011 or newer
-PowerPoint Viewer 2007/2010

Bingo Master Board will not work in PowerPoint for Mac 2008 because its lacks trigger support.


Update Available: Escape the Tower

An update is available for Escape the Tower. If your version of PowerPoint had some issues with viewing the game title, you'll be pleased to know that's fixed. If the game title ran fine for you, well, you won't get anything in this update. You can still update for fun if you want.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Blogger Look

As you may have known, Blogger has been given a redesign today, mainly to fit in with the new Google look.
My impressions?
I kind of like it. It's gonna take some getting used to, though.
What do you think of the new Blogger interface?

P.S. This is my first Blogger post using the new look!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Memoric Trivia - More Info

Release Date: November 26, 2010
Size: 331 KB (regular edition)

Memoric Trivia is a slideshow game I created with my friend, Michael Wu. The point of the game is to answer 10 trivia questions while still remembering a PIN number given at the beginning of the game. After answering all 10 trivia questions, you will be taken to a PIN pad, where you must insert the correct PIN number in order to win the game. Interesting, is it? This game is good if you want to test how good your memory is.
Note: I wasn't the one who thought having to restart the entire trivia if you get a wrong answer was a good idea.

Update - A new reduced pain edition has just been released! Instead of having to restart the entire trivia, you'll just have to wait 7 seconds if you get a wrong answer.

Compatible With:
-Microsoft PowerPoint 97 or later
-PowerPoint for Mac 98 or later
-PowerPoint Viewer 97 or later
-Any version of Keynote

I am Thinking of a Number - More Info

I am Thinking of a Number.

Click here to Play

Release Date: December 20, 2010
HTML5 Version Release Date: August 14, 2013
Updated: August 23, 2016

I am Thinking of a Number - the sophisticated number guesser.
It originates from an infamous PowerPoint game that made users guess a number from 1 to 1000.  It has since evolved to HTML5, offering hints and increased flexibility.

  • Guess with a number set or an input field.
  • Choose any combination of integers to guess from.
  • Use hints to assist with guessing.
  • Playable on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Toggle between a light and dark theme.

Compatible With:
-Microsoft Edge
-Internet Explorer 11
-Firefox 16+
-Chrome 26+
-Safari 6.1+
-Opera 12.10+


Escape the Tower: Compatibility Version - More Info

Release Date: November 25, 2010
Latest Update: August 27, 2011
Size: 2 MB

This is a version of Escape the Tower compatible with earlier versions of PowerPoint. Note that not all the features from the regular version are here. Also, the compatibility version isn't updated as much as the regular version.

Compatible With:
-Microsoft PowerPoint 97 or later
-PowerPoint for Mac 98 or later
-PowerPoint Viewer 97 or later
-Any version of Keynote*
*Not recommended

Friday, August 26, 2011

Escape a Tower - More Info

Escape a Tower

Released: November 25, 2010
Updated: May 7, 2019 (Version 2.6.1)

Escape a Tower is now playable in your Web browser as of version 2.0. You no longer need PowerPoint to play it, and it's also playable on mobile devices!

It was a warm sunny day, and you decided to go downtown, to visit the bookstore.
That turned out to be a regretful decision.
Because on the way through an alley, someone evil guy kidnaps you, dragging you inside a ragged car, and, essentially, trapping you inside the top floor of a TALL, SCARY, TOWER.
In my very first slideshow game, your goal is to escape the tower (obviously), but it won't be easy. You'll have to click on the correct choices the game provides you in order to navigate through the traps, guards, dead ends, and locked passageways all around the tower. Make a wrong move, and BOOM! You get an instant GAME OVER.
Sounds, tough? Well, don't worry. Throughout the tower, there are items you can use to your advantage. Also, there are times when there is more than one way to traverse a section of the tower. And if you look carefully, you can uncover secrets that could easily help you find out what to do next (or not).
Oh, and something cool happens when you beat the game, but I won't spoil it for you.
Good luck trying to escape the tower!

Compatible With:
- Internet Explorer 8
- Firefox 0.1
- Chrome 0.2
- Safari 3
- Opera 7
- Netscape 7
- Microsoft Edge
- Internet Explorer 10+
- Firefox 3.5+
- Chrome 4+
- Safari 4+
- Opera 11.50+

Javascript must be enabled to play.


Welcome to Tim's Slideshow Games!


This is my brand new slideshow game blog. Cool, huh?

Anyway, in this blog, you have the ability to download my very own slideshow games I made from PowerPoint! It's a lot more convenient than than sending out e-mails, and this way, I can get a bigger audience! Woo hoo!

I will begin uploading my first slideshow games soon, so while you're waiting, check out the "About" page on the tab header. You'll learn about how this site works and stuff.

Have fun!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog Under Construction

Please do not disturb the construction process, or I will get mad. Thanks.