Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PowerPoint Pranks #2

Hi there, pranksters. Did ya enjoy scaring your friends with that gigantic "BOO!"? Well, I hope you did. This time, I got something even better:

The Frozen Desktop!

Here's how to pull off this trick:

1. Take a screenshot of your computer's desktop (with no applications running).

2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint, and create a new presentation.

3. On PowerPoint 2007 or later: click on the Design tab on the ribbon, then click on Page Setup.
On PowerPoint 2003 or earlier: click on File -> Page Setup.

4. On the new window that appears, change the slide size to the aspect ratio of your computer (4:3, 16:10, or 16:9).
To find your computer's aspect ratio, try each aspect ratio and start the slideshow. The correct ratio will make the slide fill up all four corners of the screen.
5. Now upload the screenshot of the desktop onto the PowerPoint presentation.

6. Resize the screenshot so it fills up the entire slide.

7. On PowerPoint 2007 or later: click on the Slideshow tab on the ribbon, then click on Set Up Show.
On PowerPoint 2003 or earlier: click on Slideshow -> Set up Show.

8. Change the show type to Borrowed at a Kiosk. This prevents your parents from seeing the arrows on the bottom left corner of the PowerPoint.

9. Start the presentation and put your computer into sleep.

The next time someone turns on the computer, they will be shocked to find out that nothing happens if they click on anything! Little does that person know the only way out is by pressing the "Esc" key!

So pranksters, let me know what you think. Did it work? Did it fail? Did you end up getting tricked? Discuss in the comments!

Disclaimer: Perform this prank at your own risk. Don't blame me if you end up getting in trouble.

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