Monday, February 23, 2015

Artwork - Vista Point V2

Vista Point V2 was completed on October 2012 and was created using PowerPoint shapes. The goal was to improve upon the first Vista Point artwork by adding more detail, making the colors more vibrant, and improving the use of gradients.

Click on the image to make it bigger.

Artwork - Vista Point (V1)

Behold, a piece of artwork I've created back in June 2012! Vista Point (V1) was created using PowerPoint shapes. There's not much to say about this other than that I created it out of boredom.

So enjoy! Click on the image to make it bigger.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I am Thinking of a Number Version 2.6.1

I was play testing version 2.6 with my friends the other day, and we all concluded that the sophisticated number guesser could become even more sophisticated. Behold, the result of our ideas: version 2.6.1!
  • After you guess, you can now press the enter key to go back to the guessing screen. If you're playing on a desktop, you're going to love this.
  • An error message now appears if you guess out of your number range. Say you're guessing between 1 and 1000. The game is now smart enough to not accept your guess if it's below 1 or over 1000!
  • If you lose Internet while playing, you'll no longer lose access to this game if you go to the main menu. This should be a relief if you're playing on the go.
  • Shrinks the title font. So it looks better on mobile devices.
Keep on guessing, folks!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I am Thinking of a Number Version 2.6

I am Thinking of a Number.
Version 2.6

You know it's a huge update whenever I feature a game's logo and version number at the beginning of a post.

Welcome to version 2.6, a spectacular update to the "I am Thinking of a Number" series. After a multitude of bug fixes to the 2.5 branch, it's about time for a new feature release. The focus is on productivity; each feature is designed to enhance your number guessing efficiency.

So let's get right to the release notes.

  • Adds the ability to choose the starting number. Ever wanted to guess between 10 and 50 or -223 to -32? Now you can! The starting number to guess from is no longer locked at 1. You can change it to whatever integer you want, even negative numbers!
  • The game now keeps track of the numbers you guess. If you're guessing with a number set, any number you've already guessed will now appear blue. If you're guessing with an input field, a list of guessed numbers will appear on the bottom of the page. This comes in handy whenever you're guessing from a large number range.
  • Input field auto focus. Now whenever you're guessing with an input field, you no longer have to click on the input field to start typing your number. It automatically does that for you!
  • Defaults to the numeric keyboard on mobile devices. If you're playing on an iPhone or iPad, you no longer have to change your keyboard setting to number mode every time you guess. That's one less tap on your end!
  • Other minor tweaks.
    • If you guess a number wrong, the game now informs what you just guessed.
    • If you're on iOS or OS X, the default font has changed to Helvetica Neue, the font used on OS X Yosemite.
    • Enabling the greater than or less than hint no longer triggers an alert box. That's one less click to deal with!
    • Increases the size of the input fields.
    • Updates the About page.
    • The dialogue is less harsh if you use hints.

So as you can see, the game is a lot more sophisticated now. You'll be guessing faster than ever, which will make it even easier for you to become a professional number guesser. So what are you waiting for? Let's get guessing!

Click here to play!