Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What happened to my Masher Series save data?

UPDATE (Nov. 1): Since secure connections (HTTPS) are now enforced in Github Pages, you will no longer be able to access the unencrypted versions of the Masher Series games.

Original post:

Recently, I've rerouted all the links for Button Masher, Keyboard Masher, and Mouse Swipe to the HTTPS protocol. While this is ultimately a good thing, as your connection to all my games should be private and secure from now on, your save data unfortunately did not transfer during the conversion.

Rest assured though: your save data is still alive. If you continue to access the unencrypted (HTTP) versions of the games, you will be able to continue your progress just as before. However, if you wish to convert to the secure (HTTPS) versions, you'll have to start the games all over again.

I know it's a bummer, but I'm sure that in the long run, you'll appreciate the benefits of using a secure connection. But if that doesn't click with you, don't worry: you'll indefinitely be able to access the unencrypted versions of the games, even when they're updated. All you have to do is delete the "s" from "https" in the URL or click on the provided links below:

Monday, February 15, 2016

Escape a Tower Version 2.4

Time to roll out some more updates! This surprisingly huge Escape a Tower patch focuses on three major categories:

  • Lots of formatting improvements
  • Visual enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Due to the sheer quantity of adjustments I've made, I will simply list the entire changelog at the bottom of this post. In summary, I've rigorously reformatted the game to fix some HTML validation issues and to make things look more consistent across browsers. I've also squashed some wandering bugs I've discovered in the process. All these refinements should improve the overall gameplay experience.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Site Update: Improved Links

Today, I've made some slight tweaks to the hyperlink colors.
  • A normal hyperlink looks slightly bluer than before, improving contrast with ordinary text. 
  • A visited hyperlink now appears purple instead of dark blue. Not only does this improve contrast, it is easier to tell which links you've clicked on and which ones you haven't.
I hope these changes help you out for the better. If you have any suggestions, remember to leave a comment. Thanks!