Saturday, February 17, 2018

Flashcards for PowerPoint

Released: February 17, 2018
Updated: March 11, 2019 (Version 1.2)
Size: 987 KB

PowerPoint for Mac users: If you encounter issues with hyperlinks, rename the file to include spaces. More info here

Your next exam, made easier to study for with PowerPoint.
  • Create flashcards using PowerPoint's editing view. You can use text and/or images.
  • In slide show view, randomly shuffle your flashcards to test your memory.
  • Control how your flashcards shuffle and display with built-in settings.
  • Includes sound effects and a star system.

Rather than simple randomization, Flashcards for PowerPoint shuffles the order of your cards. This ensures that you'll see all of your cards once before a card you've already seen appears again.

Can't think of any flashcard ideas? Try this example set about the Periodic Table of Elements (up to Uranium).

Compatible With
- Windows: PowerPoint 2007 or newer
- Mac: PowerPoint 2011 or newer

You'll need to enable macros for this project to work.

Creative Commons License
To help you freely create and share your flashcards, this project uses the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This means you can distribute and adapt this project for commercial and noncommercial purposes as long as you credit Games by Tim for the original work.


Tab names look different? Here's why.

If you read the blog posts here often, you may have noticed that starting today, the tab names aren't what they used to be.

Previously, if you were to read this blog post, you'd get this tab name:

Tim's Slideshow Games: Tab names look different? Here's why.

Now, you're probably seeing this name instead:

Tab names look different? Here's why. - Tim's Slideshow Games

I didn't know it was possible to change the tab names on Blogger until I came across this blog post today. The benefits of this adjustment are twofold:
  1. It is easier to identify two different tabs on this blog.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO) of my projects should improve since search engines prioritize the first few words of a Webpage title.
If you also use Blogger and want to improve your blog visibility and navigation, I recommend you make the same changes, using the guide on the above linked blog post.

Hopefully this helps those who read my blog and other blog writers alike.