Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint Version 4.1

UPDATE (8/31): Version 4.1.1 updates the links to the new site name: Games by Tim.

Time for another Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint release!

Version 4.1 primarily focuses on refinements here and there. It also adds a feature originally planned for the 4.0 release.

What's Changed

  • Puzzle Swapping
    Created a puzzle in slot 1 but want to move it to slot 3 instead? Now you can with the new puzzle swap feature. In the Show All Puzzles slide, use the new arrow buttons to sort your puzzles to your liking.

  • Macro Checking
    Many users have told me that Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint doesn't work. Almost every time, it's because they unknowingly had macros disabled.

    To save each of us the trouble, Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint now checks if macros are enabled. If a user clicks on any of the title slide buttons with macros disabled, a alert box will appear with a link to the macro troubleshooting post.

  • Refinements
    • Multiple alignment fixes
    • Grammar fixes for round explanations
    • The trashcan in Set Up Puzzles now animates when clicked
    • Fixes a bug that prevented editing the vowel price or house minimum on the first try

Moving Forward

As I mentioned before, I want to transition this project from PowerPoint to the Web. This means at some point, you will be able to create and play Wheel of Fortune games straight from your Web browser.

As such, Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint is now in maintenance mode. I will work on bug fixes and refinements if need be, but don't expect any more features until the Web version arrives (which will take a while).

I greatly look forward to the Web release, and I hope you do too. For now, I hope you enjoy this new PowerPoint release.

Monday, June 25, 2018

PowerPoint Game Not Working? How to Enable Macros

If Bingo Master Board PLUS, Flashcards for PowerPoint, or Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint doesn't work for you, chances are that macros and/or active content are disabled. Macros are the code that let these games keep score, randomize values, and much more.

Fortunately, Microsoft has handy guides to help you enable them.

Macros won't run on PowerPoint Viewer, PowerPoint Online, or PowerPoint Mobile.

With all the security alerts, it's natural to feel cautious about macros. Fortunately, you don't have to trust me because all my VBA (the programming language for macros) is open source.

To view the VBA code:

PowerPoint 2010 or newer (Windows)
  • Click the File tab -> Options
  • In the Customize Ribbon section, check Developer.
  • With the new Developer tab that appears, click Visual Basic.

PowerPoint 2011 for Mac
  • Click the PowerPoint menu -> Preferences
  • In the Ribbon section, check Developer under Customize.
  • With the new Developer tab that appears, click Editor.

PowerPoint 2016 for Mac
  • Click the Tools menu -> Macro -> Visual Basic Editor
If you don't see the Visual Basic Editor, you may need to update Office with Microsoft AutoUpdate.

Feel free to inspect to your heart's content!

If the PowerPoint game still has problems, and you know for sure macros are enabled, please leave a comment on the game's blog post. Make sure to describe what specifically doesn't work and your version of PowerPoint. If possible, video footage will help me troubleshoot more effectively. Thanks!