Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint Version 4.1

UPDATE (8/31): Version 4.1.1 updates the links to the new site name: Games by Tim.

Time for another Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint release!

Version 4.1 primarily focuses on refinements here and there. It also adds a feature originally planned for the 4.0 release.

What's Changed

  • Puzzle Swapping
    Created a puzzle in slot 1 but want to move it to slot 3 instead? Now you can with the new puzzle swap feature. In the Show All Puzzles slide, use the new arrow buttons to sort your puzzles to your liking.

  • Macro Checking
    Many users have told me that Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint doesn't work. Almost every time, it's because they unknowingly had macros disabled.

    To save each of us the trouble, Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint now checks if macros are enabled. If a user clicks on any of the title slide buttons with macros disabled, a alert box will appear with a link to the macro troubleshooting post.

  • Refinements
    • Multiple alignment fixes
    • Grammar fixes for round explanations
    • The trashcan in Set Up Puzzles now animates when clicked
    • Fixes a bug that prevented editing the vowel price or house minimum on the first try

Moving Forward

As I mentioned before, I want to transition this project from PowerPoint to the Web. This means at some point, you will be able to create and play Wheel of Fortune games straight from your Web browser.

As such, Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint is now in maintenance mode. I will work on bug fixes and refinements if need be, but don't expect any more features until the Web version arrives (which will take a while).

I greatly look forward to the Web release, and I hope you do too. For now, I hope you enjoy this new PowerPoint release.


  1. Hi Tim ! I've been scouring your website for a contact email, but I can't seem to figure it out. Foremost, I would like to express gratitude for what you do. I teach on Jeju Island, in South Korea, I know at least 10 teachers who use your games frequently. Brings a lot of fun to the classroom. Students look forward to these classes.
    Secondly, I have a question that maybe only you would understand lol . If you're interested, please email me.
    Cheers ~

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    There are a lot or interesting for you.

  3. These games are so fantastic. So great for the classroom.
    I had the WOF game working this summer, but now it seems to have stopped. Marcros are enabled...I have tried everything. My problem comes when I try and set up the puzzles. The numbered buttons across the top of the page won't link me to the next page where we type in the puzzle.

    Any suggestions? Really wanted to share this with my students again.

    Thanks again,

    1. Since macros are enabled, this will be a harder problem to solve.

      If you're on Windows:
      - Try "untrusting" the Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint file. Go to PowerPoint Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings -> Trusted Documents -> Clear. Then close and reopen the file, re-enable Active Content, and try again.
      - If that doesn't work, try using the Mac version. While not ideal, the Mac version still functions on Windows.
      - If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas. You could either 1) Clean uninstall/reinstall PowerPoint, 2) try the game on another computer or 3) wait for a Web-based version of the game, which should eliminate these problems (this won't happen anytime soon though).

      Good luck solving this issue. I'm as frustrated as you are.

  4. I downloaded the program again and it is working beautifully. Thank you so much!

    If I add extra slides with action buttons, would that mess up the program? I'd like to add content to to game to make it educational in the classroom.

    Thanks again for this awesome work. It's fantastic!

    1. If you do add extra slides, make sure they're at the end of the presentation. The VBA references slides by slide number, so any slides added in between could break the game.

  5. Cheers!

    Thanks for this wonderful game which makes the lives of students and teachers more enjoyable. I know my students will love this game.

    Here's my question: I teach French. How do I add French letters like à, é, and è to the file?


    1. Now that's a use case I didn't think of!

      With the current version, there's no easy way to to add French letters support since everything's hardcoded to the English alphabet. For now, you can try the older version (v3.2) that can use French letters if you don't mind a less efficient way of using the puzzle board. Download link:

      For future revisions, should guessing the letter A count both A and Á, or are they supposed to be separate?

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