Thursday, August 30, 2018

Updating Projects to Games by Tim

The Games by Tim migration is complete! Old info below.

Due to the site's recent name change, I'll have to update my projects to mention Games by Tim. Rather than make an update post for each project, I will keep track of my progress here.

The projects in the DONE list have been updated to say Games by Tim, along with the new version numbers if applicable. I still need to update the projects on the TODO list.

  • GitHub Pages homepage
  • YouTube
  • Bingo Master Board for Web (WIP 2018-08-30)
  • Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint (v4.1.1)
  • Button Masher (v4.3.1)
  • Keyboard Masher (v4.4.1)
  • Mouse Swipe (v1.1.1)
  • I am Thinking of a Number (v3.0.2)
  • Rebus Puzzles Galore
  • Flashcards for PowerPoint (v1.1.1, adds macro checking)
  • Bingo Master Board (PowerPoint v1.7.1)
  • Bingo Master Board PLUS (v2.2)
  • About page
  • Escape a Tower (v2.4.3)

  • None!

Welcome to Games by Tim!

Hi there. Welcome to my site, Games by Tim! Formerly known as Tim's Slideshow Games.

A name change?

That's right! Games by Tim is my site's new name, and I look forward to using it. It's not easy to commit to a new name, but I'm confident this will benefit the site in the long run.

When I launched this site back in 2011, I focused on PowerPoint games, which I referred to as "slideshow games." Thus, I used the name Tim's Slideshow Games. Now that I'm transitioning from PowerPoint to HTML5 games, keeping the "slideshow" in the name doesn't make as much sense.

Meanwhile, I wanted to buy a domain name for this site. I could have registered, but I thought to myself, "is this name still worth keeping?" After all, real money was on the line. The calling was there; time for a new name.

Why Games by Tim?

Glad you asked. A new name isn't something to take lightly, so rest assured; I thought this one out.

  • Most people remember this site by my name.

When I talk to others about my site, they seem to remember the "Tim" part more than the "Slideshow Games." Fairly often, I'd hear something like, "Oh yeah, I remember the games Tim made. What was the site called again? Slide what?"

While this is by no means scientific, I have a feeling the "slideshow" flies past most people's heads. Quite troubling if the site URL is By placing my name front and square, I believe more people will recall how to refer to my site.

  • Less characters in the name

The URL "" takes 18 characters to type. "" on the other hand takes 14 characters. The less typing the better.

Less characters also means I have more flexibility with my logo. If I'm in a tight situation, I could safely display the logo as two lines:

  • It represents me better.

My name is Tim. I make games. Here are games by me. It's that simple.

What's happening to this site?

First off, the new URL is should redirect for now, but I highly recommend you change your bookmarks/attributions. That's because if, hypothetically, I migrate away from Blogger, will be my only way to take people to the new site.

I will need to replace the Tim's Slideshow Games references with Games by Tim throughout the site and my active projects. This will take some time, so bear with me.

Since I have a domain name, there's a chance I'll be able to put a contact email here. I haven't fully researched this yet, so no guarantees. I'll post a blog update if I get this to work.

Other than that, things will continue as usual. So I hope you enjoy your stay at Tim's Slideshow Games  Games by Tim!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bingo Master Board for Web gets a Rewrite

Who would've thought this would happen?

I recently returned from Make School Summer Academy, a 6-week program where I learned more about Web development. Along with building team and personal projects (which I'll probably share here later), I learned about some nifty Web concepts.

Who knew:

  • JavaScript evolved a lot since I first learned it (ES6),
  • there's an easy way to vertically align objects (flexbox),
  • fractional units exist (CSS grid),
  • and CSS itself can scale things (CSS transform)?

Essentially, these concepts made me realize, how can I use these to rewrite Bingo Master Board?