Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fixes for hyperlink issues on PowerPoint for Mac

Some PowerPoint 2016, 2019, and 365 for Mac users have encountered a bug in my projects that causes certain hyperlinks to take two clicks, instead of one, to activate. Unfortunately for us, it's a PowerPoint for Mac-specific flaw that's been unresolved for over three years.

However, it turns out if you add spaces to the project filenames, the hyperlink problem goes away. Don't ask me why; it just is what it is.

I would have re-uploaded Flashcards for PowerPoint and Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint, but GitHub Releases does not allow spaces in filenames. Therefore, if you encounter the hyperlink problem in these projects, you should rename the file to include spaces.

Example: rename the file
Wheel of Fortune Mac 4.1.1.pptm


  1. love your flashcards but I was trying to change the red to orange in the vba, but it's not working as it should :(

    1. Assuming you're trying to change the background color, go to Sub BGChange in the VBA and find the following lines:

      ElseIf oSh.Name = "Red" Then
      bgcolor = RGB(192, 80, 77)

      Then change the RGB numbers to a corresponding orange value.

      If you change oSh.Name to "Orange", make sure that in Settings, you replace "Red" with "Orange" in the Background color section.


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