Coming Soon

Below are a list of games and projects that I am thinking about or is in progress. Please note that the games shown here may not necessarily be completed.

  • Just like Bingo Master Board, I'd like to convert Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint to a Web-based version. The rewrite would also include features that couldn't happen with PowerPoint. (Keyboard shortcuts, anyone?) Ideally, I want to use this project as an opportunity to learn ReactJS.

    Please keep in mind this is an extremely ambitious undertaking, and it'll take months, if not years, to develop from start to finish.

The final game of
The Masher Series

  • On October 1, 2015, I finally released Mouse Swipe, completing the trinity of Masher Series games. There is still one more game I need to work on though, and let's just say it tries to combine all three games.
  • As of this writing, I don't expect to begin progress on this game anytime soon.

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