HTML5 Games

HTML5 is a powerful open source Web markup language. All HTML5 games are playable on a Web browser, so you don't have to download anything.

Bingo Master BoardBingo Master Board
Host and manage Bingo games on the Web.
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Button Masher Button Masher
My first JavaScript game. How many points can you rack up?
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Keyboard Masher Keyboard Masher
It's like Button Masher, except this time, you're mashing the keyboard!
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Mouse Swipe Mouse Swipe
The third game in the Masher Series. Swipe your way to victory!
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Escape a Tower Escape a Tower
In my first ever game, a kidnapper has taken you into a ragged car, driving up to a tall, scary tower.
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So Many Numbers!So Many Numbers!
Hone your speed arithmetic skills.
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I am Thinking of a Number I am Thinking of a Number
The sophisticated number guesser.
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Lost in a Forest Lost in a Forest - a Text Adventure
Will you find your way out?
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PowerPoint Games

Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint
Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint
My most popular download. Bring the popular game show to your very own living room!
Flashcards for PowerPoint
Flashcards for PowerPoint
Your next exam, made easier to study for with PowerPoint.

Memoric Trivia
Memoric Trivia
Can you answer all the trivia questions and still remember the combination? Now with a Reduced Pain Edition.

Make Your Own Memoric Trivia
Make Your Own Memoric Trivia
Want to make your own Memoric Trivia? Now you can.


Rebus Puzzles Galore Rebus Puzzles Galore
100+ brainteasers for you to solve.
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Deal or No DealDeal or No Deal
Play the nerve-wracking game show during your party for free. Public domain.
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Vista Point (V1) Vista Point (V1)
A peaceful work of art created with PowerPoint shapes.
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Vista Point (V1) Vista Point V2
A revision of the image with improved detail/vibrancy.
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Intervals of Harmony - A simple melody with instruments gradually playing to enhance the music. View Music

Retired Projects
Retired projects no longer receive updates or support.
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