Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bingo Master Board

This version of Bingo Master Board is officially discontinued.

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Released: September 3, 2011
Updated: September 12, 2018 (Version 1.7.1)
Size: 530 KB

Note: This is not a complete game. It is a utility you can use as a supplement to Bingo.

No more whiteboards! No more transparencies! Now, with the technology of PowerPoint, you can project which numbers are drawn in a Bingo game!

To use it, simply click on the number that has been said or drawn in the master board, and the number will bold. Made a mistake? Click on the number again to make it un-bold. Want to start a new game? Click on the "Reset" button to clear the bold numbers. There are eight themes to choose from, one of them available for you to customize.

Want more features, widescreen, and are comfortable with macros? Check out Bingo Master Board PLUS.

Have fun!

Compatible With:
-Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or newer
-PowerPoint for Mac 2011 or newer
-PowerPoint Viewer 2007/2010

Bingo Master Board will not work in PowerPoint for Mac 2008 because its lacks trigger support.


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  1. i wish there was a way to minimize the screen so i could put the tv screen next to it. could you help me out?


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