Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Flashcards for PowerPoint v1.2 - Flashcards in Style

Amid incoming midterms and final exams, a friend of mine told me she needed to study for a geography test. Just before she was about to purchase note cards, I casually brought up that I've made a flashcard tool in PowerPoint.

Her eyes lit up and her mouth lifted a grin, as she typed her entries and starred her flashcards. Not only did I feel rewarded that Flashcards for PowerPoint went to good use, I also noticed some usability/UI issues as my friend worked through the file. The result? Another update to Flashcards for PowerPoint: version 1.2!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Magical Diary: Wolf Hall Kickstarter

If you beat and liked Escape a Tower, you may have noticed that I recommended the game Magical Diary. I mainly recommended Magical Diary for the dungeon crawlers that may remind you of Escape a Tower's puzzles. I also appreciated the game's premise, depth of choices, and jaw-dropping routes you wouldn't expect in a wizard school simulator.

Anyway, I recently noticed that there's a Kickstarter campaign for the sequel, Magical Diary: Wolf Hall. I normally don't promote other people's projects on my blog, but I'll make an exception here. If you too liked Magical Diary, you should back this game.

To be clear, I was NOT paid to write this post. I just wanted to spread the word about a game I've previously recommended. If the campaign interests you, here's the Kickstarter link.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Comments on this Blog

Given the increasing rate of comments (which I am thankful for), I figured it's time for me to clarify how I manage comments at Games by Tim.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Escape a Tower Version 2.5.1 - Quality of Life Adjustments

Based on user testing over the Thanksgiving break, I've identified a few issues with the recent Escape a Tower update. As such, here's version 2.5.1 with the following adjustments.

Spoiler Alert: This blog post contains spoilers about Escape a Tower's post game content. There are no storyline spoilers.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Escape a Tower Version 2.5 - Improving the Post Game

Here it is - the biggest update to Escape a Tower since the conversion to Web.

Nearly every Escape a Tower update since 2014 focused on bug fixes. While version 2.5 has its share of fixes, it also offers a slew of new gameplay features, with an emphasis on the post game.

Spoiler Alert: This blog post contains spoilers about Escape a Tower's post game content. There are no storyline spoilers.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Escape a Tower GitHub Repo (and version 2.4.3)

Now that I got the hang of GitHub with Bingo Master Board, I'm migrating my older projects to their own repos. I begin with Escape a Tower, as I recently got the urge to work on it.

This means:
  • You can view development commits. Previously, any update I upload would become live on the Web. Now I can commit changes without making it live. This helps me recover my code if anything happens, and you get to see my work in progress!
  • You can watch the project. If you have a GitHub account, you can watch Escape a Tower to receive emails whenever I release new updates.
  • You can star the project. If you really like the game, you now have the ability to star it on GitHub.
  • You can more easily report game issues on GitHub with the Issues page.

To get things started, I posted Escape a Tower version 2.4.3. This minor update:
  • Corrects grammatical errors
  • Updates links to Games by Tim
  • Removes deprecated appcache

As mentioned in the GitHub Releases page, a more substantial update (version 2.5) is coming soon. Keep an eye for commits in the Develop branch!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

So Many Numbers: The Layout Update

So Many Numbers is at it again!

This time, I rewrote the game layout. Why, you ask? I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves.

Before/After (Click to enlarge)

In addition:
  • Fixed bug that counted blank inputs as 0
  • Fixed text display issues with Microsoft Edge
  • Fixed bug that generated 30-30 more often than it should

Have fun with the improved layout and fewer bugs!