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Released: April 19, 2013

Updated: May 11, 2022

Platform: Web

License: MIT

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It's a simple concept, yet quite compelling: click a button as fast as you can in a set period of time.

Button Masher marks many milestones for my development history. For one, it is my first game coded completely from scratch. Another first is the ability to keep score, improving replay value. And finally, this is my first game to keep save data, in the form of stats. Button Masher is HTML5 ready and should work with the latest versions of all major browsers.

Button Masher is part of the Masher Series, a collection of mashing related games. Check out Keyboard Masher and Mouse Swipe, the other games in the series.

Click here for the Button Masher strategy guide.

Tags: Updated 2022, The Masher Series

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