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The Button Masher Strategy Guide

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So you want to get good at Button Masher? Are you determined to conquer every single beat the creator score and rack up all the achievement stars? If so, you made it to the right place. Here, you will discover a trove of tips and tricks directly from the game creator to maximize each and every one of your scores!

Achievement Star Requirements

  • Blue star - Beat one of the beat the creator scores.
  • Green star - Beat every single beat the creator score.
  • Bronze star - Reach 1000 clicks (Clicker Star).
  • Silver star - Reach 5000 clicks (Clicker Master).
  • Gold star - Become a clicker god (10,000 clicks).

Keep in mind that the green star overwrites the blue star, and the gold star overwrites the silver star, which overwrites the bronze star.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use two fingers. I can't stress this one more than enough. The best way to rack up points is by alternating two fingers at the button.

  • Use a computer mouse. Maybe it's just me, but I find that I earn more points using a computer mouse than a laptop touchpad. A mouse also helps when playing game modes such as Movement and Oscillation, so you can keep your two finger momentum going when moving the cursor.

  • If you're on a laptop, enable tap to click. This is the next best method to click if you can't use a computer mouse. After all, you use less energy tapping the touchpad than physically clicking on it. Just make sure your two fingers are far enough so you don't accidentally right click.

  • Lightning Mode Tips - I start out by pressing and holding the button with one finger, while touching the mouse with another finger. Then, when I let go of the first finger, I quickly click with the second one, as it's already touching the mouse. This may not always work due to trial and error, but you'll really see the results when it does.

  • Endurance Mode Tips - This is the one mode I do NOT recommend using the two finger technique. Instead, use one index finger to click the button at a steady pace while keeping your other index finger nearby. That way, when one of your fingers gets tired, you can quickly switch to clicking with the other finger while giving one of your hands a break.

  • Movement Mode Tips - I place two of my left hand fingers on the mouse button, and my entire right hand holding the mouse. When I play, I keep using the two finger tactic to click, even when the button moves to another place. This is so I could generate the maximum amount of points with each button since sometimes, the button stays in the same place. Only use your right hand to move the cursor around.
    Of course, I don't do this in Hard mode since you lose a point for each misclick. In that mode, I just use one hand and click carefully.

  • Oscillation Mode Tips - Again, use two fingers with your left hand to click and your right hand to move the cursor. However, this one's a little harder since the button is in motion the entire time. All I can say for this is to practice and find the right rhythm to move the cursor. Remember that the button speeds up every ten seconds.

I hope these tactics help you out to become a new and improved button masher. Good luck out there.

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