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Button Masher Version 4.1

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At last, a new version of Button Masher has arrived!

This is the first step of updating the Masher Series. The procedure is to update Button Masher and Keyboard Masher, create mobile versions of each of those games, and, with the new underlying code, create a brand new game for the series. I was originally going to release everything at once, but instead, I decided to stagger the process. And it begins with the Button Masher update.

So what's packed in this update? Let's check it out!

  • Adds a restart button to each game mode. Ever had those moments when your fingers slipped while playing and wanted to redo the game mode as a result? Now, instead of waiting for the timer to run out, just click on the arrow next to the score to restart the mode.
  • New settings panel. I added this increase the game's flexibility. For instance, if you have a friend playing this game and don't want him or her to overwrite your scores, you can disable the ability to save high scores. This also applies to background color changes and commentary.
  • Adds navigation arrows. Before, if you selected a game mode you didn't mean to click on, you had to refresh the page to select a different mode. Now you don't have to; just click on the new arrows to take you back to certain areas of the game.
  • The game can now resize down to a width of 600 pixels. The benefits are twofold. For one, it makes the game more playable if you have two windows side by side. Also, it prepares the game to be playable on tablets someday.
  • Clicker God requirement reduced from 100,000 to 10,000 clicks. For the first time ever, the Clicker God achievement is realistically attainable. I hope this gives you guys more incentive to rack up more clicks.
  • Oscillation mode is now easier on normal difficulty. I decided to slow down the button after hearing feedback about it moving too fast even on normal. Hard mode, however, is unchanged.
  • New incremental achievement stars. In the previous version, there were only two achievement stars, one for beating all the beat the creator scores and another for becoming a clicker god. To provide more incentive to reach these goals, I've added additional achievement stars you can get along the way. For instance, you now get an achievement star for beating one of my beat the creator scores.
  • Minor changes
    • Formatting fixes for Firefox and Safari
    • Achievement stars automatically appear without having to refresh
    • Optimizes title font for Linux

Yup, that's one long list, and I hope these changes help make Button Masher more enjoyable to play. The Keyboard Masher update, which will feature most of these changes plus other features, is coming soon.

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