About me

Timothy Hsu

Timothy Hsu ~ Creator of Games by Tim

I'm Tim, and I develop software projects as a hobby, mostly web and PowerPoint-based. I particularly like gamification - applying game-like elements to all sorts of tasks so they feel more engaging.

My background

I've constantly created things since I was little, ranging from comics, paper games, and eventually computer games. In 2010, I finished my first full-fledged computer game using PowerPoint, which I found easy to use.

In 2011, I launched this site named Tim's Slideshow Games as a way to link my PowerPoint games whenever friends asked. To my surprise though, the site gained traction from a wider audience, and I started getting positive feedback from people I didn't know. That made me realize the satisfaction and potential I have with the software field, which continues to motivate me to this day.

Later on, I started to explore web development as a way to release games for a wider audience. I also started to experiment beyond pure games, using game-esque concepts to flourish other projects. By 2018, I renamed my site to Games by Tim to reflect my expanding focus.

All projects on my site to date are free of charge. I do not take donations, as I intend to keep personal software development as a hobby.


I am detail oriented with what I make, and as such, I almost never consider my projects "finished." I continuously refine my projects for years, challenging myself with new coding concepts and addressing feedback gleaned from comments and face-to-face user tests.

I support free open-source software (FOSS). I open-source my projects on GitHub whenever feasible and generally use permissive software licenses.