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Keyboard Masher Version 4.1

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Two weeks ago, I uploaded the Button Masher update, which contained a series of improvements such as a restart button, settings panel, incremental achievements, and more. Now it's Keyboard Masher's turn.

Keyboard Masher v4.1 contains the main improvements from Button Masher v4.1 plus the following enhancements:

  • Two new game modes: Arrow (360) and Alphabet (Backwards). Arrow (360) involves pressing the arrow keys in a clockwise pattern (up, right, down, left). Alphabet (Backwards) should be self explanatory. I think you'll enjoy these modes.
  • Typing Typhon achievement reduced from 200,000 to 25,000 presses. Once again, we finally have a reasonable goal for Keyboard Masher's highest rank. Who knows, you may already have an achievement star on your profile.
  • Alphabet mode now shows letters in lowercase. I made this change to reduce the confusion with Alphabet mode. You don't need caps lock on, guys!

Note: if you managed to beat all my scores from the previous version, you may notice that your green achievement star has changed its color to blue. That's because you haven't beaten my scores from the new game modes. So if you want your green star back, get to it!

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