That Damned History Test! - a Text Adventure

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Released: October 30, 2021

Updated: November 6, 2021

Platform: Web

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You failed a History test. If your parents find out, they might get mad at you. What do you do?

In this sprawling text adventure, click on the dropdown choices to continue the story. There are 36 endings; see if you can find them all!

Version History

v2 (Released November 6, 2021)

  • Style changes:
    • The right and bottom borders on choice boxes have been removed for a cleaner look.
    • Inner choice boxes are now right-justified to allow for more text space on mobile devices.
  • Revises two endings for clarity
  • Changes the Open Graph image from an in-game screenshot to the app icon
  • Fixes the following bugs:
    • The "scroll to top" arrow was not center-aligned on some browsers.
    • The "scroll to top" arrow font was inconsistent across browsers.
    • The "scroll to top" button was not fading out when the page scrolls to top.
    • The choice box borders occasionally didn't touch their choice toggles on mobile devices.
    • One of the choice box's text was not properly formatted as a paragraph.

v1 (Released October 30, 2021)

  • Initial release in digital format
    • The text adventure was originally written in 2011 on a notebook.
    • This digital remaster revises and adds multiple scenes over the 2011 original.

Tags: Updated 2021, jQuery

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