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Unlisted projects

These projects aren't listed on the homepage, either because they've been superseded or I feel they no longer represent me well. Feel free to tinker with these projects, but don't expect any support from me.

Bingo Master Board (PowerPoint)

Project drawn Bingo balls. Replaced with Bingo Master Board on the Web.

Bingo Master Board PLUS

Bingo Master Board, taken to the next level. Replaced with Bingo Master Board on the Web.remains archived here

Bingo Master Board for LibreOffice

Bingo Master Board with free, open source software. Replaced with Bingo Master Board on the Web.

Cursor Adventure (Demo)

A major mouse maze game with integrated graphics.

PowerPoint Arcade

An ongoing minigame compilation.

The old Games by Tim

Before June 2020, I hosted Games by Tim on Blogger, Google's free blogging service. The old site remains archived here.

PowerPoint Macro Checker

If you make macro-enabled PowerPoint games and want to warn users if macros are disabled, this guide is for you.

"PowerPoint Pranks" index

Years ago, I found out something very fun you can do on PowerPoint - pull pranks on other people! Have a blast, and let me know how these tricks are.

  1. BOO!
  2. The Frozen Desktop!
  3. Huh, Where's da Screen?!

External links

W3Schools - Interested in learning Web development? W3Schools has the tools you need to get started.

PowerPoint Creative Forum - A PowerPoint community where I share some of my projects here. This forum is another way to communicate with me and fellow PowerPoint creators.

Escape the Tower: The Flash Version - Once you beat my Escape the Tower, you should try this Escape the Tower! The game is flash-based, and the gameplay is rather different. Which Escape the Tower do you prefer more: mine or the flash version?