Monday, January 20, 2020

Wheel of Fortune for Web - Wheel Demo

Here you'll find a tech demo of the wheel I intend to use for Wheel of Fortune for Web, the upcoming replacement for Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint.

Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint's wheel took two clicks - one to spin, and one to stop. This wheel needs just one click, and hold it to charge the new strength meter!

Advantages over the PowerPoint wheel
  • More sense of control over the wheel (although the outcome's still completely random)
  • Has inertia - will slow down as it spins
  • Uses the crypto-random API to securely determine where the wheel stops
  • Can programmatically tell what value the wheel landed at

Take the survey!

For the first time in the site's history, I'm trying out a survey to gauge how to further improve the wheel. Click here for the survey.

The survey closed February 11, 2020.

To Do
  • Add multiple wheel types to choose from
  • Add the wheel's second layer (wild card, Mystery wedge, etc)
  • Add sound effects to the wheel

Note that I'm long ways away from releasing Wheel of Fortune for Web. I'm just sharing these types of demos in the meantime.


Wheel of Fortune for Web - Wheel Demo is licensed under the GPL-3.0.

“Wheel of Fortune” is a registered trademark of Califon Productions, Inc, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. For more information about the game show, visit

Wheel wedges created by MarioGS/wheelgenius, used with permission.


  1. Hi, I had the puzzles I wanted built. Now all of a sudden, I can't figure out what I'm doing. I can't get past the main screen. How do I get back to the "host eyes only part" and build my own puzzles. Help please.

    1. Did you get the macros disabled warning? That's the only way I'm aware of to not make it past the title screen.

      See if you can get past the title screen after following these instructions:

  2. Hi! Thank you for creating this! Its great to keep the little ones busy during these unusual times. Is there a way to add more players? I'd like to have 5 players


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