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Bingo Master Board for Web Commit 2018-09-10

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Here's a new commit I'm quite proud about.

  • You can now change the Bingo number style.

    For those who preferred the bold black numbers from the original Master Board, you're in luck. In Themes, there's a new setting that brings back the classic Bingo number look.


  • Bingo Master Board now crypto-randomly draws Bingo balls. Hear me out.

    It turns out there are different ways to generate seemingly random numbers. PowerPoint VBA's Randomize/rnd and JavaScript's math.random() can generate numbers efficiently, but they are NOT cryptographically secure. This means that someone skilled enough could predict what numbers will be generated.

    For a Bingo game with tangible prizes, this poses a problem.

    Enter crypto-random, a method to generate random numbers using the Web crypto API. Along with using a more advanced algorithm, crypto-random bases its randomness on your computer's voltage, cursor movements, keyboard timings, and much more. This makes guessing the next random numbers incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

    I hope this change helps you feel more comfortable using Bingo Master Board in a competitive environment. Remember that you can check the new code on GitHub to your satisfaction.

For reference, VBA's Randomize/rnd uses a linear congruential generator, and JavaScript's math.random() uses XorShift128+ in most browsers. Feel free to research the pros and cons of these algorithms if you're interested.

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