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Bingo Master Board for Web Commit 2018-09-14

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Last night, I dreamed about being submerged in a pile of Bingo balls. I'm probably going restless about this project, but I can't stop now. The stable release is getting close!

Here's what I got for today's commit.

  • The winning pattern is back.
    It works just like Bingo Master Board PLUS with a few differences:
    • The Bingo card in the slide page is on the left side. I changed this so you don't have to move your cursor as much to edit the winning pattern.
    • You get a nice fade effect when editing the winning pattern.
  • Show number of drawn Bingo balls by default

Now that I've ported every feature from Bingo Master Board PLUS, it's time for me to work on the instructions, credits, and refinements. Expect the commit rate to increase as I grow increasingly anxious about finishing the project!

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