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Bingo Master Board (version 1.3.0) - Release Notes

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What? Another update for the master board? Are you insane? Do you have a life? Why the heck are you posting so many updates for this thing?!

Well, you see, right after I posted version 1.2.0 onto this blog, I came up with an idea for the board. Not a lame idea, but something that might actually catch your interest.

Here are the release notes:

  • THEMES! Tired of having to use the boring yellowish background every single time you use the bingo master board? Now you can change the theme to green, blue, red, or even rainbow! Just choose your selection using the new "Select Theme" slide.
  • To reduce clutter on the master board, the "Reset Board" button has been renamed to simply "Reset".
  • The title slide now has a quick fade transition.

Coming Soon: a "Themes" drop-down menu bar

Also, I may add more themes throughout each of the updates! If you have any theme suggestions, just post a comment on this blog!


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