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Bingo Master Board Version 1.6

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That's right, it's time for the first Bingo Master Board update in over three years! I know I've previously stated that I wouldn't update my PowerPoint projects anymore, but after revisiting this one and remembering some old feedback I've received, I decided to give the Bingo Master Board some additional refinements.

In layman's terms, this is the release notes:

  • Visual improvements

But you know me, I love getting deeper than that. Unlike the creators of the Facebook app who don't write release notes anymore, I get in depth with everything I've tweaked and perfected in each update so current users can make a more educational choice whether or not to update (and I really hope you do).

So allow me to explain what "visual improvements" really means.

  • Backgrounds are more vibrant. I've tweaked the colors of every single theme (except for Rainbow) so they look more visually appealing than ever before.
  • Faded numbers are more visible and easier on the eyes. Before, the faded numbers on every theme were light gray, which would clash with several themes. Now, the faded number colors have been specifically tailored for every theme (except for Rainbow) for much improved visual clarity.
  • Transitions are slightly faster. Who likes to wait due to unnecessary fade in effects? That's why I've tweaked the transitions so they still look good while allowing you to navigate more quickly.
  • No more underlined text. I don't get why I was into this, since underlines don't look visually pleasing on computers. They're gone now.

Along with these visual improvements, here are some other minor changes.

  • The About slide has been redesigned.
  • There are now steps on customizing a theme in PowerPoint 2013 and newer.
  • Some text has been rewritten.

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