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Escape a Tower Version 2.4

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Time to roll out some more updates! This surprisingly huge Escape a Tower patch focuses on three major categories:

  • Lots of formatting improvements
  • Visual enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Due to the sheer quantity of adjustments I've made, I will simply list the entire changelog at the bottom of this post. In summary, I've rigorously reformatted the game to fix some HTML validation issues and to make things look more consistent across browsers. I've also squashed some wandering bugs I've discovered in the process. All these refinements should improve the overall gameplay experience.

Detailed Changelog

  • Lots of formatting improvements
    • Game looks more consistent across all browsers
    • Font size stays consistent in iOS Safari landscape
    • HTML validation fix for single bullet choices. This makes the game compatible with Opera 7-8.50.
    • Title select links are properly centered with older browsers
    • Prologue links are properly centered for mobile devices
    • Table padding fixes for older browsers
    • Ubuntu font optimizations
    • the REDO button in the passcode section is smaller for better uniformity
    • In the Credits, it will now say "1 Game Over" instead of "1 Game Overs"
    • A proper list is used for Version History
    • Minor edits to the game script
  • Visual enhancements
    • Box shadow effect (recommended browser required)
    • Links with darken when being clicked on
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixes a broken list somewhere in the middle of the game
    • Fixes a Javascript error in Safari private browsing mode
    • Fixes a favicon loading error in Google Chrome

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