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Escape a Tower Version 2.5.1 - Quality of Life Adjustments

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Based on user testing over the Thanksgiving break, I've identified a few issues with the recent Escape a Tower update. As such, here's version 2.5.1 with the following adjustments.

Spoiler Alert: This blog post contains spoilers about Escape a Tower's post game content. There are no storyline spoilers.

  • Some users struggled to tap the game's hidden buttons on smartphones because the hit boxes were too small. To remedy this issue, I increased the hit box size of these hidden buttons.
  • In the section Bonus Features Everywhere, some users were confused when they clicked the square on the top right of the page. They thought the square was supposed to do something, but the square really just illustrates the position to click on other browsers/devices. To better clarify the square's purpose, I added a dialog box when clicking the Bonus Features Everywhere square.
  • Many users couldn't figure out how to find every scene in one of the last sections of the game. Those scenes were supposed to be hard to find, but I didn't want people to give up on their search. Therefore, I hinted about these hard-to-find scenes within the Game Quiz.
  • One user glossed through the Bonus Features and didn't notice the Game Leaper until I told them about it. Since the Game Leaper is now an integral component of the Bonus Features, I needed to make this feature stand out more. Therefore, I moved the Game Leaper to the top of the Bonus Features list and bolded it. I also moved/bolded the Game Quiz and Beat the Creator since they're also interactive features.

I'd like to thank everyone who tested and helped me improve Escape a Tower. If you have any further thoughts about the game, feel free to leave a comment.

Note: I'm primarily seeking user interface feedback. Unless there's any grammatical errors, I'm unlikely to revise the game script again.

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