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Escape a Tower version 2.6.1 - I can read the text now!

Today's Escape a Tower update addresses a major accessibility issue: text contrast.

Naturally, it's hard to read something when the text color's close to the background color. As it turns out, there's a contrast test known as the Web Content Assessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and a lot of Escape a Tower's text didn't pass even the minimum tests.

I've therefore darkened the majority of Escape a Tower's test to pass WCAG AA for normal text. Have a look for yourself.


Old text (does not pass any contrast tests)


New text (Passes WCAG AA for normal text)

Although I can read the old text just fine, I was surprised to find out not everyone may feel the same. I hope the improved contrast enables more people to experience the game.

In addition, this update runs the source code through a formatter for better code readability and changes the link from the GitHub pages URL to tower.gamesbytim.com.

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