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Flashcards for PowerPoint v1.2.1 - Important fix for Mac users

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Just in time for finals season, we have the first update to Flashcards for PowerPoint in over four years!

This update resolves an issue with setting the background color caused by a recent update to PowerPoint for Mac (v16.79.1). Long story short, PowerPoint for Mac introduced a bug that breaks setting colors in VBA. Hopefully Microsoft will fix the bug soon, but in the meantime, I found a way to work around the bug.

A technical explanation of the PowerPoint for Mac bug is available on PowerPoint Creative. Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint is also affected by this bug and will receive a fix soon.

While I was at it, I snuck in these other quality-of-life adjustments too:

  • Fixes an oversight with the Macros Disabled pop-up linking to the How to Use slide
  • Fixes an oversight with being able to remove the stars on the Congratulations slide
  • Improves performance when running conditional checks for empty strings
  • Adds title and author metadata to more easily search for Flashcards for PowerPoint through the local filesystem
  • Resamples sound effects to reduce file size with no loss to quality

Have fun preparing for your next exam!

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