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I am Thinking of a Number Update (2.5.3 and 2.5.4)

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Once again, I've discovered a bug with this game while developing v2.6. In v2.5.2, the game would crash ONLY on iOS 8 Safari under the following circumstances:

  • You're running the game as a full screen Web app.
  • You're using Input Field.
  • You type something that would trigger an error (ex: letters).
  • You submit your guess by tapping Go on the keyboard (not the Enter button).
  • After tapping Ok on the error box, the game would crash.

I'm pleased to announce that this catastrophic crash has been fixed.

Update (1/30/15): Once again, I've found another bug in the game that forgets to disable the greater than or less than hint when playing a new round. I've released it as v2.5.4.

Update (4/27/15): It turns out iOS 8.3 fixes the crash bug that impacted v2.5.2. Thanks Apple!

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