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Lost in a Forest - a Text Adventure update (v3)

Sometimes, I like to touch up my old projects. Here's such a time with Lost in a Forest - a Text Adventure.

Highlights of this update include:

  • Endings tracker - See how much more of the text adventure you've yet to cover!
  • Rounded layout - Much of the game UI now features smooth, curved edges.
  • Improved contrast - Choice toggle backgrounds are darker so they're easier to read.
  • Refactored JavaScript - The code looks way more nice and efficient than before.
  • Dedicated GitHub repo, available here
  • New gamesbytim link: lostforest.gamesbytim.com

I actually wrote the majority of this update shortly after the previous 2016 release. That means for the most part, the game code resembles my style from years ago. I have to admit it was fun to relive the old way I coded and to reflect on how far I've progressed.

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