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Projects moved to homepage

Today, I retired the site's Projects page and moved all my project links to the homepage.

Why make this change?

  • The homepage gets way more traction than the projects page. Even though I launched the homepage less than a year ago, it already has 98% of the projects page's total views, which existed since 2011.
  • Since more people are on the homepage anyway, that's one less click to start playing a project.

In addition to the move, I reformatted how projects are listed.

  • The link to view a project is now the project title, instead of a separate link called View Project.
  • The app icons are slightly bigger on desktop and slightly smaller on mobile.
  • Each project now contains tags, which pinpoint some of the projects' highlights.

Will these adjustments cause more people to try my projects? Guess I'll wait and see!

Note: This is NOT the site overhaul I've eluded to over recent blog posts. That's a much bigger endeavor that'll take time to prepare.

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