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The Keyboard Masher Strategy Guide

Last month, I published the Button Masher Strategy Guide, providing a myriad of strategies to amp up your game. Now it's Keyboard Masher's turn. If you're seeking to become so good at keyboard mashing that you'll become a viral maniac on YouTube, welcome aboard!

Achievement Star Requirements

  • Blue star - Beat one of the beat the creator scores.
  • Green star - Beat every single beat the creator score.
  • Bronze star - Reach 2500 presses (Typing on Task).
  • Silver star - Reach 10000 presses (Typing Tempest).
  • Gold star - Become a typing typhon (25,000 presses).

Keep in mind that the green star overwrites the blue star, and the gold star overwrites the silver star, which overwrites the bronze star.

Tips and Tricks

  • Play when you're angry. Keyboard mashing is supposed to be frantic, and when you're angry, you become more crazed and hyper. Consider playing a frustrating video game to pre-anger yourself.
  • Learn to play the piano. I once met a guy who was good at Keyboard Masher, and I mean REALLY good (over 1700 on 30 seconds). When I asked him how he got those scores, he told me that he played the piano when he was younger. I can see how this may have helped him.
  • Find the keyboard that best suits you. Not all keyboards are created equal. For instance, a laptop keyboard has a different feel from a full sized keyboard. Also, some keyboards require more force to press a key than others. I recommend using a mechanical keyboard if you can afford it; it makes typing more pleasant.
  • Arrow Mode Tips - I have my left index finger on the up key, and three fingers from my right hand on the left, down, and right keys. What I do is repeatedly press the key on the screen until the arrow changes. This is because sometimes, the key stays the same. And since you're using different fingers for every key, it's easy to switch off when the arrow key changes.
    • However, in Arrow (360), I use only my right hand. I find that with a predetermined set of arrows to press, it's easier to use one hand than two.
  • Alphabet Mode Tips - While it's possible to complete this mode by mashing the keyboard, it's actually more time efficient to legitimately type the letters. Also, try not to look at your keyboard when typing, as that could either slow you down or cause you to yell swear words when you realize you forgot to type the letter D. Practice, practice, practice!
    • Alphabet (Backwards) may seem intimidating at first, but you'll get the hang of it once you start memorizing the letters you need to press. Keep practicing!

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