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The timtree.github.io download links are deprecated

A while back, I introduced the timtree.github.io download links for all my downloadable projects. This link would download the latest version of Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint:


And this link would download version 1.0 of Bingo Master Board PLUS:


These links looked clean compared to the goo.gl shortener links they redirected to for tracking download counts. Problem was, they required JavaScript and left behind blank tabs after downloading.

Now that I switched to GitHub Releases, which offers clean-looking links and directly tracks downloads from those links, I see no reason to continue updating these links. As such, the timtree.github.io download links are deprecated.

What this means for you

  • Although the timtree.github.io download links will stay up for the time being, I will no longer update them with new project versions.
  • For instance, if I release Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint version 5.1.2, the timtree.github.io download link that's supposed to download the latest version would serve the would-be outdated version 5.1.1.
  • Likewise, requesting version 5.1.2 with the query string would not work.
  • From now on, use the project's page at gamesbytim.com to download the latest version and the project's Older versions page to download specific versions.

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