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Welcome to Games by Tim!

Hi there. Welcome to my site, Games by Tim! Formerly known as Tim's Slideshow Games.

A name change?

That's right! Games by Tim is my site's new name, and I look forward to using it. It's not easy to commit to a new name, but I'm confident this will benefit the site in the long run.

When I launched this site back in 2011, I focused on PowerPoint games, which I referred to as "slideshow games." Thus, I used the name Tim's Slideshow Games. Now that I'm transitioning from PowerPoint to HTML5 games, keeping the "slideshow" in the name doesn't make as much sense.

Meanwhile, I wanted to buy a domain name for this site. I could have registered slideshowgames.com, but I thought to myself, "is this name still worth keeping?" After all, real money was on the line. The calling was there; time for a new name.

Why Games by Tim?

Glad you asked. A new name isn't something to take lightly, so rest assured; I thought this one out.

  • Most people remember this site by my name.

When I talk to others about my site, they seem to remember the "Tim" part more than the "Slideshow Games." Fairly often, I'd hear something like, "Oh yeah, I remember the games Tim made. What was the site called again? Slide what?"

While this is by no means scientific, I have a feeling the "slideshow" flies past most people's heads. Quite troubling if the site URL is slideshowgames.blogspot.com. By placing my name front and square, I believe more people will recall how to refer to my site.

  • Less characters in the name

The URL "slideshowgames.com" takes 18 characters to type. "gamesbytim.com" on the other hand takes 14 characters. The less typing the better.

Less characters also means I have more flexibility with my logo. If I'm in a tight situation, I could safely display the logo as two lines:


  • Less characters in the name

My name is Tim. I make games. Here are games by me. It's that simple.

What's happening to this site

First off, the new URL is gamesbytim.com. slideshowgames.blogspot.com should redirect for now, but I highly recommend you change your bookmarks/attributions. That's because if, hypothetically, I migrate away from Blogger, gamesbytim.com will be my only way to take people to the new site.

I will need to replace the Tim's Slideshow Games references with Games by Tim throughout the site and my active projects. This will take some time, so bear with me.

Since I have a domain name, there's a chance I'll be able to put a contact email here. I haven't fully researched this yet, so no guarantees. I'll post a blog update if I get this to work.

Other than that, things will continue as usual. So I hope you enjoy your stay at Tim's Slideshow Games Games by Tim!

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