Commenting guidelines

Given the increasing rate of comments (which I am thankful for), I figured it's time for me to clarify how I manage comments at Games by Tim.

You may have noticed that users can currently write comments anonymously. While I'm aware of the possible consequences of this setting, I haven't had major issues so far.

I remove comments that contain, but are not limited to:

  • Spam
  • Advertisements for other sites
  • Links to questionable sites
  • Profanity, since this is a family-friendly site
    • I am ok with mild words used in positive context. "That was hella good" is fine, but "Go to hell" is not.
  • Insults beyond constructive criticism
    • Don't be afraid to criticize my projects, as long as you don't personally attack anyone.
  • Personal info
  • Anything illegal

I will continue to update this list whenever necessary.

If the comments ever go out of hand, I will restrict commenting accordingly.

Thank you for your consideration.