About me

Timothy Hsu ~ Creator of Games by Tim


When I was little, I had a knack of wanting to create things. While others would go out and play, I would stay behind and craft comics, mini novels, and paper games.

Naturally, I knew I wanted to create video games too. In 2010, I designed my first proper video game: a text adventure using Microsoft PowerPoint. To my delight, my close friends and relatives found enjoyment with my little adventure (and I could tell from the smiles).

A few games later, a ambitious thought crossed my mind: what if I put myself out there and post my games online? Could there be others beyond the close-knit people I knew who could benefit from the games I make?

My Site

In 2011, I launched my site as Tim's Slideshow Games to publicly share my collection of PowerPoint games. My site began to take traction from friends, PowerPoint enthusiasts from various forums, and surprisingly enough, teachers.

Around 2013, I started to release games for other platforms, like Web browsers. By 2018, I renamed my site to Games by Tim to reflect my focus beyond PowerPoint.

All projects on my site to date are free of charge. I do not take donations, as I intend to keep game development as a hobby.


I am detail oriented with what I make, and as such, I almost never consider my projects "finished." I continuously refine my projects for years, challenging myself with new coding concepts and addressing feedback gleaned from comments and face-to-face user tests.

I support free open-source software (FOSS). I open-source my projects on GitHub whenever feasible and generally use permissive software licenses.

Contact Info

For public inquiries, you can leave a comment at the end of a respective blog post. I currently allow anonymous comments as long as people stay in line with my simple guidelines.

For private inquiries, you can send me a private message at PowerPoint Creative (username GamesByTim). I understand this is not the most convenient solution, and I hope to offer more accessible means to communicate in the future.

This page was last revised Apr. 8, 2019.