Welcome to Games by Tim.

I'm Tim, and I like to make games. Here, you will find plenty of games and projects I've worked on over the years.

I launched this site in 2011 as Tim's Slideshow Games. Back then, I made PowerPoint games and wanted to share them online. Over the years, I've shifted my focus towards Web (HTML5) games. Thus, I renamed the site to Games by Tim in 2018.

     So how does this blog work? Let me explain.

  • Find all my active projects in the Projects page.
  • You can see a description of each project on their More Info pages.
  • From there, you can download or play the game (depending on if it's a PowerPoint or Web game).
  • Every project in this blog is FREE.

    I appreciate comments on my games and projects. Feel free to leave one on the project's More Info page for feedback, suggestions, bug reports, and/or constructive criticism.

    I also update my games, so definitely check back or subscribe to this blog to see what improvements I've been working on.

    Sometimes, a game is open for prototype testing. Prototypes are games that are not yet finished. They're a great opportunity to voice your feedback as the game is actively being developed. In some cases, I may offer to put prototype commenters' names in the game credits. You can find any current prototypes in the bottom of the Projects page.

    I hope you find something you enjoy at Games by Tim!

    ~ Tim the Writer

    This page was last revised Sept. 19, 2018.