Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint FAQ

Over the years, I've received many questions about Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint. Here are the most common questions.

Last updated August 6, 2022

What are macros, and why do I need to enable them?

Macros are code snippets that let Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint keep score, store puzzles, and much more. They are written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Is it safe to enable macros?

Since macros have access to the files on your computer, PowerPoint gives security warnings to make sure you only run macros you trust. Rest assured, Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint is safe to use.

If you don't believe me, all my macros are open source. Find out how to view the code here.

Is it possible to have more than four players?

It is not possible to have more than four individual players, nor are there plans to add support in the future. Not only would it be a pain to squish the player scores for additional slots, you'll find that the game's less fun with too many opponents since some won't get a chance to spin the wheel.

Instead, I highly suggest splitting players into teams, which the actual show does. For instance, six players can split to three teams of two, and eight players can split to four teams of two.

If you absolutely need more than four individual player slots, I would look into other Wheel of Fortune templates. Rusnakcreative's supports up to six players if you don't mind not seeing everyone's scores at once. TriviaMaker's Wheel game seems to support limitless players, but it's paid and I have no experience using it.

Can I create puzzles in foreign languages?

As of version 5.2, it is possible to create puzzles in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish *
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Indonesian
  • German **
  • Italian
  • Dutch

Other languages might work, so long as it's based on the Latin alphabet and uses letters within the extended ASCII table.

* To use the letter Ñ, enable Spanish Ñ in Settings.
** The German Eszett (ẞ) is not supported due to unresolved technical issues. As a workaround, use ss instead.

What does Free Play do?

Landing on Free Play lets the player call a consonant at $500 or a vowel for free. The player then gets another turn regardless if the letter they called is in the puzzle.

As of version 6.0, Free Play is disabled by default. Also, the actual show stopped using Free Play in 2021.

Why is there no wheel for the Bonus Round?

There's no Bonus Round wheel because it only really makes sense in the context of the actual show. In a homemade game without tangible prizes, what's the difference if the already-chosen winner scores an additional $100,000 or a car?

If you do want to offer an additional prize for solving the Bonus Round, I recommend choosing one prize and announcing it up front. That way, you won't have so many potential prizes to worry about, which was the point of the Bonus Round wheel.

If you have a strong case for the Bonus Round wheel to exist, please let me know. I'm open to your thoughts.

Why are you using a $5,000 sliver instead of the Million Dollar wedge?

Like the Bonus Round wheel, a gigantic prize unrelated to the game score does not make sense in the context of a homemade game. Also, not everyone uses the Bonus Round, which you need for the Million Dollar wedge to have a purpose.

In its place, I put a similar-looking wedge but with $5,000 instead of $1 million. This keeps the thrill of landing on a super narrow high-value space.

Does Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint work on Google Slides, LibreOffice, or other non-PowerPoint software?

Since Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint uses too many advanced PowerPoint features, it will not work on any non-PowerPoint software. Assuming you're trying those programs because PowerPoint is expensive or doesn't work on your computer, I hope to release a web-based version of Wheel of Fortune in the future.

What's going on with your web-based Wheel of Fortune?

Eventually, I want to transition this Wheel of Fortune project to the web to attract a wider audience and to add features not possible in PowerPoint. This would mean I have to rewrite the entire project from scratch.

Given how time-consuming this rewrite will take and my other life priorities, I do not have an ETA for Wheel of Fortune for web. Keep in mind I do not make any revenue from Games by Tim, nor do I accept donations. When I have any updates regarding the web rewrite, I'll post the details on the blog.

In the meantime, you can try the web wheel demo here.

Can I use Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint for commercial purposes?

There are no commercial restrictions for hosting a Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint event (as in donations, price for entry, etc).* However, reselling the template at any price, as is or with custom modifications, is strictly prohibited.

* If you host a paid event, I'd highly appreciate if you plug Games by Tim during the event. And if you want to invite me, don't hesitate to reach out.

This template's awesome! Can I donate to you?

Why, thank you! Keep your money; I don't take donations as I intend to keep Games by Tim as a hobby.

If you want to show your support, spread the word! Tell your friends, and recommend it on social media. I'd greatly appreciate it.