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I am Thinking of a Number Update (Version 2.5)

I am Thinking of a Number app icon

Timothy kicks off the year with a relatively big update for I am Thinking of a Number. In fact, it's so huge that he skipped version 2.4 and headed straight for 2.5! gasp

Enough third person talk. Let's discuss the release notes.

  • Adds the ability to guess the number with an input field. Now you can guess numbers above 50,000 without crashing your browser!
  • Mobile device support. The game now looks significantly better on smartphones and tablets. And just like in Escape a Tower, you can add the game to your home screen on iOS for full screen mode!
  • New favicon. The favicon symbolizes this game's original intent; guessing a number between 1 and 1,000.
  • Bug fix. Looks like my try catch statement from the previous version messed up the confirmation box if you selected a number above 50,000. This has been fixed. I apologize to anyone who crashed their browser from this.
  • Various minor tweaks.

Note: This is the first update since v2.2 that increases the game's file size. Also, the game is no longer compatible with Opera 8.50 (hopefully no one's using that in the first place).

So enjoy the update, folks!

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