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Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint Version 2.0 Officially released!

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Man, this is so exciting. But before I jump around and go nuts, I should probably explain why I'm like this.


First of all, I'd like to share that this update was supposed to be released back in 2012. In fact, I had most of the groundwork for this update finished back then, but somehow, I never actually completed it.

So why did I abandon this long awaited update until now? Well, you may recall that a while back, I decided to stop making PowerPoint games. I was tired of working hard on some project only for others to not be able to appreciate it, since they don't have PowerPoint installed. So for the next two years, I spent my time developing HTML5 games. I still had this update on my radar during that time though.

Now fast forward to 2015. This year, I have devised a new years resolution, and that is to complete the backlog of game development I've started but never finished. Last Sunday, I kicked off the resolution by releasing "I am Thinking of a Number" version 2.5, which was supposed to be released last April. Today, I continue to accomplish my goal through this update, which is overdue by two years.

So without further ado, it's time for me to discuss the release notes for v2.0. It's huge!

Release Notes

The first thing you'll notice when you load the update is that there is now a title slide. Thrilling, right? You can flaunt this slide at your next game show party to get people into the excitement. But that's only the beginning.

As you proceed to the puzzle board, other thrilling changes become apparent. You'll notice that the default fonts have changed. Calibri has been replaced with Corbel (except for the Beta theme). Seriously, it looks a lot less default like and more professionally playful (yes, an oxymoron). The puzzle board's font has changed from Britannic to Arial (except for Beta), which is indeed the current font of the real Wheel of Fortune puzzle board. The more authentic, the better!

You'll also discover a new menu button: Clear Board. In the old version, when you wanted to start a new puzzle, you had to manually delete all the characters on the puzzle board one at a time, and that got annoying fast. No more! Just click that button and a blink of the eye, the board is blank! This will save you lots of a time on your next game show event!

But the time savings don't end there. On every player slot, there are three new icons I'd like to call functionality keys. The orange circle is for buying a vowel, which automatically deducts $250 from the player's round total. The blue arrow is for quickly transferring round money to their totals. Last but not least, The X instantly drops a player's round total to 0, so use that for bankrupts or starting a new round. As you can see, every functionality key is designed to reduce the amount of calculating you'll need to do so you can focus more on the fun.

The changes aren't over yet. The wheel itself has been updated to resemble more like the real game show. I changed the $5000 wedge to $2500, which is what the wheel from the real show uses. The bankrupt wedge and wild card space shifted to their proper positions. Finally, to make things more interesting, I added the narrow $10000 wedge. I know it's $1 million in the current format, but since you're not actually winning real money from this (unless your host is abnormally generous), I chose the $10000 version instead.

So are you pumped? You bet I am! hops around like a maniac Happy playing!

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