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I am Thinking of a Number Version 2.7

I am Thinking of a Number app icon

Welcome to a new update for I am Thinking of a Number, the sophisticated number guesser. In the previous version, I improved on the game's mechanics, allowing players to guess more efficiently than ever before. Now, with this version, I focus on the game's appearance and design. Number guessing has never looked better than before!

So what has changed visually? Allow me to walk you through that.

  • New fonts. Out with the boring Arial font, in with the much improved fonts! The font you will see has been optimized for your operating system.
    • iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan Safari will use the San Francisco font.
    • Older versions of iOS/OS X or using Firefox/Chrome on a Mac will still use the Helvetica Neue font.
    • Windows will use the Tahoma font.
    • Android will use the Roboto font.
    • Ubuntu will, surprise, use the Ubuntu font.
    • All other operating systems will use their sans-serif font.
  • New buttons. The game now uses stylized buttons, which should look more consistent than the previous default buttons.
  • New favicon. That 1k looks slightly different now.
  • New app icon. Shown above. The 1k now uses the San Francisco font and a new gradient background. This should look much better than the previous solid white design.

I hope that you too agree that the new design is a step in the right direction. If you want to reference the old layout, version 2.6.3 awaits you in the Archive.

* Yes, I know Segoe UI is the Windows system font, but I chose Tahoma instead since Segoe UI is more difficult to read. I didn't want to sacrifice function for form.

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