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The Buttons are Fixed - I am Thinking of a Number v2.7.1

I am Thinking of a Number app icon

Some of you guys have expressed concerns about I am Thinking of a Number's redesign, particularly the new buttons. They looked jarring, too Button Masher like, and didn't suit the visual cues of the rest of the interface.

If you were one of those people, rest assured: I fixed the buttons. Here, take a look for yourself.


Did you notice the difference? Here's what I changed.

  • The button font now resembles the rest of the game's interface.
  • The button now has a gradient.*
  • Because of the gradient, button clicking looks more realistic.

* If you use Internet Explorer 8/9, Firefox 1-3.5, Chrome 1-3, Safari 1-5.0, or Opera 9-11.50, you'll still see the old button colors.

This should do it guys. The new layout should look a lot more coherent now.

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