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Mouse Swipe Officially Released! (and a Keyboard Masher update)

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FINALLY! After procrastinating for over two years, Mouse Swipe has officially released to Tim's Slideshow Games!

Back in Summer 2013, my friend Kaizad Taraporevala suggested that in addition to Button Masher/Keyboard Masher, there should be a game about moving your mouse back and forth. I thought it was a fantastic idea at the time, and while I attempted to develop the game, I kept losing focus and motivation. And whenever I DID have a spark of motivation, I ended up supplying updates to Button Masher/Keyboard Masher instead, leaving Mouse Swipe in the dust. After feeling a tinge of guilt enough times whenever I see the "Mouse Swipe" folder on my computer, I figured now's the time to take action. I promised a game, and now I'm willing to deliver it once and for all!

Mouse Swipe features four different game modes:

  • Freeform - Swipe your mouse across the vertical line as swift as you can! Play in 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or a custom time.
  • Square - Swipe within two fixed squares. There's a normal and hard mode, which shrinks the squares over time.
  • Triangle - Swipe clockwise within three fixed triangles. Just like Square, there's a normal and hard mode.
  • Motion - Swipe within two moving squares. If you liked Button Masher Oscillation, you'll feel at home with this mode.

Click here to play Mouse Swipe!


In addition to Mouse Swipe, Keyboard Masher receives a substantial update (version 4.3). As you can see in the screenshot, Battle mode has been renamed to Versus, which I think is a much more fitting name. There is also a new gauge bar to view at a glance who's winning and by how much. This should make Versus matches more compelling to compete in and watch!

Click here to play Keyboard Masher!

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