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New text adventure, That Damned History Test!, out now

That Damned History Test! - a Text Adventure app icon

In an effort to return to creative writing, I am thrilled to release That Damned History Test! - a text adventure.


The game format is similar to Lost in a Forest, with a completely different story. There are no "right" or "wrong" choices; it's all in the name of entertainment. See if you can uncover all 36 endings!

Fun fact

This text adventure was originally written in 2011 on a writing notebook for a creative writing school assignment.


I've wanted to convert the text adventure to a digital format for a long while, and I'm happy it's done ten years later. In addition to the digitization, the story has some changes over the 2011 original.

  • The total endings increased from 32 to 36.
  • Every ending that leads to punishment now has a punishment associated with it, rather than just saying something bad happens.
  • Most endings with corporal punishment have been replaced with bizarre alternatives.
  • Various grammatical corrections

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