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Switching download providers (again)

Update (Mar 25): The migration process is complete.

Not long ago, I migrated all my PowerPoint projects from MediaFire to Google Drive. Since Google Drive cannot track download counts, I used the Google URL shortener, goo.gl, to help me do so.

Now that goo.gl is about to shut down on March 30, I need another way to keep the download counter going. Thankfully, GitHub comes to save the day! It turns out GitHub tracks the download count of any file uploaded to a repo's Releases page, and man I wish I knew this sooner.

So here's what's gonna happen:

  • This week, I will migrate Flashcards for PowerPoint and Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint to their own GitHub repos. The repo links are as follows:

    Flashcards for PowerPoint
    Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint

    Each repo will include the full VBA as .vb files. That way, you can make sure the VBA is safe to use before even downloading the PPT file!

  • I will upload the latest versions of each project to their Releases pages. For each versions' release notes, I will attach a badge that shows the download count of that version. The badges will look like this, courtesy of shields.io.

  • On each projects' GitHub README, I will display the total download counts, which will update automatically! Along with the badge that will show all downloads after March 2019, I will also include the download counts archived from goo.gl and MediaFire.

  • Existing download links won't change! Although the download endpoints will be different, I will continue to use my GitHub Page URL format to process download queries like before.

  • All previous versions of each project and any retired projects up to now will remain on Google Drive. While Google will still properly reroute the goo.gl links, I will no longer track the download counts of these files.

Ideally, nothing should feel different on your end. It's just that you and I now have the ability to more easily track download counts and the VBA! I'm a fan of the increased transparency, and I hope you are too.

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