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Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint dev builds are back!

Version 6.0 is here! Thank you to all dev build testers!

Download Version 6.0

What are Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint dev builds?

Whenever there's a lot of features for the next version of a project, it's overwhelming to release everything at once. That's why I space out the features into chunks, which I release as dev builds.

Dev builds serve 3 useful purposes:

  1. They let me ship new features more quickly.
  2. They allow me to gather feedback on new features before they make it to final release.
  3. They make me feel more productive as a developer.

I've previously released Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint dev builds for versions 5.0 (2020), 4.0 (2017), and 1.0 (2012).

What new features can I expect?

Quite a bit. You know something huge is coming when I resort to dev builds, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Due to volatility and frequency of changes, I do not post dev build changelogs on the blog. Instead, you'll find them on the PowerPoint Creative forum thread. Go to the latest page for the most recent dev build notes.

How often are new dev builds released?

There's no set schedule for dev builds, as my priorities are volatile and this is all hobbyist work. That said, they should update somewhat frequency. I'd say every few days until final release is a good bet.

Why are dev builds Windows only?

Building the Mac version of Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint involves painstakingly migrating every feature into Mac-compatible fonts/macros, which I'd rather not spend time on when there's a ton of dev builds. Don't worry; there will be a Mac version for the final release.

How can I provide feedback on dev builds?

The usual methods. Comment on this blog post, email me, or post on PowerPoint Creative.

Thank you for testing the next version of Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint!

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